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Chronic whiplash neck pain

Posted on May 7, 2009 by Doctor

I was involved in an auto accident ten years ago that left me with severe whiplash. I initially embraced the traditional method of treating this type of injury (physical therapy, muscle relaxers and pain pills) in hopes of relieving the pain  and distress. After spending a year of my time, money and energy the pain was still as intense as the day of the accident.  I continued to search for someone who could help me but had little  success until a doctor recommended that I “try” Chiropractic treatment.  I was somewhat skeptical of this idea, but I also knew from previous experience that traditional treatment failed. I took his recommendation and began Chiropractic treatment. I was surprised to find that the adjustments helped to control the pain. I continued adjustments on an as needed basis until I was introduced to Dr. Olsen.  After an intense and thorough evaluation, Dr. Olsen explained the cause of my chronic pain in detail.  He used visuals to demonstrate the evolution of the injury over the last ten years. Dr. Olsen described his procedure for treating this type of injury and he charted the course and time frame it would take to achieve the desired results.  This chronology of injury, treatment and results had never been discussed with me any of the previous doctors.  It made perfect sense. At that point I was completely confident in his capabilities and made a commitment to proceed with his treatment plain.  Dr. Olsen has treated me for the several weeks and in this short time I have made substantial progress. Improvement is evident in many areas - range of motion, insomnia, decrease in pain and discomfort, and ultimately improvement in my attitude. I look forward to continuing this healing process so that one day soon I can reclaim my health and ultimately my active lifestyle. I highly recommend Dr. Olsen to all who care about maintaining or restoring their overall health. He is the best at what he does.   Donna Russ


Avid golfer & would take 4 advil just to make it through each round of golf

Posted on May 5, 2009 by Doctor

I had been seeing a Chiropractor to relieve neck and lower back pain for several years but his office location made it inconvenient for me to visit regularly. Basically, I would get adjusted to relieve pain but nothing was being done to correct the underlying problems. I was diagnosed with a “reverse curve” in my neck and experienced pain in my neck and lower back pretty consistently. I am an avid golfer and would take four advil just to make it through each round of golf. I was a mess and my chiropractor was so far away that I couldn’t visit regularly. After two great massages, I though I would try Dr. Olsen. After all, I was going through the advil regularly and I felt I was too young to have so much back trouble. Dr. Olsen confirmed the “reverse curve” in my neck (stage 2 vertebral subluxation complex) and we immediately started a program of regular adjustments and traction to correct the problem. After the first week, I noticed a great improvement. I was driving on the freeway, I turned to check the lane beside me, and I could not believe the range of motion I had in my neck-WITH NO PAIN ! I guess I had gotten used to expecting a twinge whenever I checked the lanes!  I’ve been visiting Dr. Olsen for only a short time (six weeks) but the improvement has been dramatic. I can’t remember the last time I took advil. Recently I discovered that I am pregnant with twins and I just know that my pregnancy will be more comfortable due to Dr. Olsen’s care. I feel healthier, happier, and do not have any neck pain! Best of all my golf swing is as smooth as ever! I would recommend Dr. Olsen to anyone who is serious about improving their quality of life. Many thanks to Dr. Olsen for helping me re-discover how life is supposed to feel-pain free! I’m looking forward to seeing that curve re-appear in my neck someday soon!

Cassandra Fraulino


Neck and upper back pain have disappeared

Posted on April 23, 2009 by Doctor

I came into be treated originally for neck and upper back pain after an auto accident. Although Dr. Olsen certainly treated my injuries, he also gave me a level of whole-body medical care/health. I have never received in the past not even from my primary care physician. Over the past 8 months not only has my upper back and neck discomfort disappeared but my posture, back discomfort and headaches I chronically suffered from have all begun to disappear. His treatments and advice continue to help me become more & more aware of my overall health and well-being and my daily role in ensuring it. His encouragement has helped me to become a healthier person &  more active in my own mental, emotional  and physical well-being and live a  long happy life. Janet Beazley


I was a mess, to…. “I’ve never felt stronger!

Posted on April 16, 2009 by Doctor

After trying several other chiroprator’s over a 5 year period and not finding anything but temporary relief, it was recommended to me to go to Dr. Olsen’s office. I am so grateful! My first treatment by Dr. Olsen was in September 2003. I came to him with frequent headaches, a history of lower back pain( lumbar strain) and intense jaw and neck pain. Basically, I was a messs. Through a determined approach, Dr. Olsen never rushed through his teatment with me. It  took time to get me into the pain and it was going to take some time and commitment to get out of it, but we did!  He never rushes and focuses on the “why” of my pain, and not just moving rapidly through an adjustment . My neck and lower back have never felt stronger! Matched together with deep tissue massage and Dr. Olsen’s treatments, headaches and jaw tightness are now rare. Treating my foot and neck issues have alleviated my near constant lower back strain. In fact, after some needed orthopaedic foot surgery, Dr. Olsen took the time to make sure my healing process continued. This turned out to be essential in the relief  of my neck and jaw  issues! This is the difference, I think with the treatments that I receive from Dr. Olsen compared to ther doctor’s. It was clear that I was on a path of total body healing–letting my body dictate where it needed adjustment instead of just moving through a routine. He always asks me for what is going on–who better than me to know what my body is saying and feeling! He includes me in that process, then let’s my muscles confirm it….. then he moves into a full treatment allowing me to leave his office one tep closer to good health.  The entire office experience is a pleasure.  This group is a group of folks that all have one goal for us–health. I have never received better massages anywhere and I know that  that has helped in my healing. Mostly, I just want to thank Dr. Olsen for treating me as if I really matter. I felt after that first treatment (again, so hugely different than the quick, rushed adjusments that I had known before) that you could help me and I believed you when you said you could.  My part was showing up and learning. I can’t thank you enough.  Jodi Phelps

Neck pain and vertigo is gone!

Posted on March 31, 2009 by Doctor

I would like to share my “Success Story” with you. I am able to turn my head-most people take this for granted.  I made the commitment for treatment when range of movement for my head had seriously diminshed.  It was very noticeable to my family and friends when I would have to turn my whole body to look to the side or behind me.  Driving was difficult and hazardous because I could not easily turn to see cars or to change lanes.  Over a period of 10-15 years, prior to Dr. Olsen’s treatment, I would often awake with a very stiff, painful neck but I never commited to treatment except for a couple of adjustments when I lived out of the area.  The neck condition worsened and I also started waking with vertigo and  accompanying nausea. In the previous 5 years before Dr. Olsen, I had several stumble and falls -sometimes just stepping on a small pebble or uneven pavement or nothing at all and I landed on the ground. Dr. Olsen custom made orthodics for my shoes and I have not fallen since I am in balance. I think this out of balance and decreased flexibility was also tied into the head-neck problems.  My commute to Dr. Olsen was 45 miles after work, and many times I really did not want to drive south on the 405 freeway. I was really dragging by the time I’d arrive for my appointment, but after my adjustment I felt energized and no longer felt fatigued. Dr. Olsen also put me  on a program of supplements to compliment my over-all treatment.  I feel healthier and have more energy, don’t get the flu bug or colds.  With NET, Neuo-Emotional Technique, Dr. Olsen has helped me to unload excess emotional baggage accumulated through my lifetime to deal with emotional issues on a current level.  Dr. Olsen was highly recommended to me by my daughter and I enthusiastically recommend him to all who want to be healthier and feel better. I have improved posture and smile more!   Marlene Zuvich

Neck pain and IBS Better!

Posted on March 31, 2009 by Doctor

My husband, Roger, first started seeing Dr. Olsen about 3 years ago.  After a few months he started raving about how good he was beginning to feel.  I thought perhaps he was just trying to get me to change chiropractors so I wasn’t really interested.  But gradually I couldn’t help but get interested because I saw so many positive changes in how he was feeling.  I didn’t really think that Dr. Olsen could be that much better than other chiropractors. But I was wrong!  within a short period of time I noticed a definite improvement in the flexibilityof my neck (a chronic problem for me) I was afraid to have my neck adjusted for months.  But I gradually learned to trust  Dr. Olsen and as I was continuing to improve weekly I allowed him to adjust my neck.  WOW!!!.  He was so gentle! Then I really began to see more & more improvements.  After bunion surgery & a fall in Hawaii he was able to help me recover from the surgery and the injuryfrom the fall.  I have also seen improvement in my IBS as I am getting my body healthier each and every day.  Pat Johnson

Bad knee and neck problems

Posted on March 31, 2009 by Doctor

 After a few auto accidents and sports injuries over many years,  I began to visit a chiropractor and would use about six different ones over a 25 years period.  I had a bad knee and neck problems and had adjusted to enduring a certain amount of pain.  Standing more than 1/2 hour increased my pain and discomfort and turning my head from side to side was painful and my range of motion was quite limited.  My knee has improved dramatically and I almost never experience pain even after standing for long periods.  My neck has a greater range of motion and the pain has been reduced significantly.  Having a chiropractor who is sincerely interested in your improvement is a rarity but  Dr. Olsen has been has been that for me and I’m very thankful.  Roger Johnson

Denise has no more grinding neck pain!!

Posted on March 19, 2009 by Doctor

I am a very active person, enjoying yoga daily, cycling weekly, and skiing monthly. However my neck and shoulder pain would persist, making my recreation time extremely unpleasant.  I came to Dr. Olsen with severe neck pain, limited range of motion and loss of sleep due to the intense pain.  I have been seeing Dr. Olsen for several months and am happy to say my neck no longer GRINDS when I turn my head and I can turn it with ease in both directions without any pain.I have been restored to the freedom I once took for granted.  I have experienced different healing modalities, including other Chiropracters and I am so pleased with the work he has done to restore my health.  He uses many tools to assist the body back to balance.  I like that he is always looking for new technology to partner with his natural gift of healing others.  I would strongly recommmend anyone who is in pain or suffering to make the time to see Dr. Olsen and look forward to their freeedom again.

Denise Kirkpatrick

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