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90lb. overweight & cyclical migraine headaches treatment

Posted on April 28, 2009 by Doctor

I first meet Dr. Olsen a little over three years ago. I had been going to Chiropractors for over twenty years and although I had some relief from addressing my health issues holistically I still was using M.D.’s for most of my health care needs. When I came for my first visit I was ninety pound overweight and having cyclical migraine headaches which my general practitioner seemed to be unable to help me with. Dr. Olsen was able to determine the cause of the migraines (hypoglycemia- a sugar handling problem) and educated me about the foods I needed to refrain from in order to stop the migraines. With a diet devoid of  sugar or foods that become sugar (such as fast burning carbohydrates) eliminated from my diet I was able to be migraine free. However when I discussed this dietary solution with my regular health care physician I was told that all I needed was half peanut butter and jelly sandwich twice daily. Based on the success of  following  Dr. Olsen’s food plan I knew that the change suggested to me by my G.P. was not viable because it would introduce sugar and carbohydrates back into my diet. Realizing that information I received from Dr. Olsen ( a holistic healer) was more valid for my health issues than the information I was receiving from my G.P. began a major shift in my thinking about who I wanted for my primary health care practitioner. I began to see Dr. Olsen regularly and with his support and the help of  the Weight Watchers program I have lost ninety pounds in the past three years. With my weight loss I have been able to readjust my eating to include some complex (slow burning) carbohydrates and sugars again. Recently I have been dealing with severe, seemingly unrelated pain which began in my lower back and seem to spread through out my system. Through the science of kinesiology Dr. Olsen was able to determine that the problem was gallbladder related. Three weeks later after seeing my G.P., who sent me to two different doctors for lab work, x-rays and an ultra sound, it was finally determined that I had gallbladder problems. And to think – I already knew what the issue was because my Chiropractor had pinpointed it with a simple muscle testing procedure! If you are here for your first time to see Dr. Olsen, I know that you will be blessed by his knowledge and his caring heart and I hope you will learn to trust him with your health as I have. If   you have been seeing this gifted Doctor for a while why not suggest to those that you know that they would benefit from his care. I know I have!  Sincerely, Paula Rose Michelson


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