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Neck pain and IBS Better!

Posted on March 31, 2009 by Doctor

My husband, Roger, first started seeing Dr. Olsen about 3 years ago.  After a few months he started raving about how good he was beginning to feel.  I thought perhaps he was just trying to get me to change chiropractors so I wasn’t really interested.  But gradually I couldn’t help but get interested because I saw so many positive changes in how he was feeling.  I didn’t really think that Dr. Olsen could be that much better than other chiropractors. But I was wrong!  within a short period of time I noticed a definite improvement in the flexibilityof my neck (a chronic problem for me) I was afraid to have my neck adjusted for months.  But I gradually learned to trust  Dr. Olsen and as I was continuing to improve weekly I allowed him to adjust my neck.  WOW!!!.  He was so gentle! Then I really began to see more & more improvements.  After bunion surgery & a fall in Hawaii he was able to help me recover from the surgery and the injuryfrom the fall.  I have also seen improvement in my IBS as I am getting my body healthier each and every day.  Pat Johnson

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