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Headaches, shoulder pain, tension treatment

Posted on April 28, 2009 by Doctor

Dear Greg, I want you to know just how much I appreciate your care. Being skeptical about chiropractic services I came to you with tongue in cheeek. Over the last 18 months you have relieved my headaches, shoulder pain, tension, emotional distress and allergies. My general health has greatly improved. Your gentle approach to treatment plus clear understandable education has given me confidence in myself. Having been disappointed with traditional medical care, I am truly converted to alternative medicine. Thank you Dr. Olsen.


Severe headaches are gone!

Posted on April 21, 2009 by Doctor

When I first came to Dr. Olsen I had severe head aches that were lasting for many days. My physical condition was contributing to an already stressed mental condition. Through Dr. Olsen’s treatments not only are the headaches down to a minimum but my mental wellness is back to normal.  Steve Quesnel

I was a mess, to…. “I’ve never felt stronger!

Posted on April 16, 2009 by Doctor

After trying several other chiroprator’s over a 5 year period and not finding anything but temporary relief, it was recommended to me to go to Dr. Olsen’s office. I am so grateful! My first treatment by Dr. Olsen was in September 2003. I came to him with frequent headaches, a history of lower back pain( lumbar strain) and intense jaw and neck pain. Basically, I was a messs. Through a determined approach, Dr. Olsen never rushed through his teatment with me. It  took time to get me into the pain and it was going to take some time and commitment to get out of it, but we did!  He never rushes and focuses on the “why” of my pain, and not just moving rapidly through an adjustment . My neck and lower back have never felt stronger! Matched together with deep tissue massage and Dr. Olsen’s treatments, headaches and jaw tightness are now rare. Treating my foot and neck issues have alleviated my near constant lower back strain. In fact, after some needed orthopaedic foot surgery, Dr. Olsen took the time to make sure my healing process continued. This turned out to be essential in the relief  of my neck and jaw  issues! This is the difference, I think with the treatments that I receive from Dr. Olsen compared to ther doctor’s. It was clear that I was on a path of total body healing–letting my body dictate where it needed adjustment instead of just moving through a routine. He always asks me for what is going on–who better than me to know what my body is saying and feeling! He includes me in that process, then let’s my muscles confirm it….. then he moves into a full treatment allowing me to leave his office one tep closer to good health.  The entire office experience is a pleasure.  This group is a group of folks that all have one goal for us–health. I have never received better massages anywhere and I know that  that has helped in my healing. Mostly, I just want to thank Dr. Olsen for treating me as if I really matter. I felt after that first treatment (again, so hugely different than the quick, rushed adjusments that I had known before) that you could help me and I believed you when you said you could.  My part was showing up and learning. I can’t thank you enough.  Jodi Phelps

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