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It was Dr. Olsen's Birthday!! Let's Celebrate...

I know that most of you have such amazing stories about how Doctor Olsen has helped you with your health or a loved one's health and that is why I am writing to you and your family today to ask a very important favor.

I would like to put at "THANK YOU" book (surprise gift) together for Dr. Olsen. This book would contain your personal notes of gratitude/thanks for all he has helped you or a loved one with, if you want, your picture or family picture too.

Please don't tell him anything about this little surprise, I don't plan on giving it to him until Thanksgiving because I want to make it AWESOME as possible.

Your note doesn't have to be long but anything you could write, even if it is only a sentence, would be more than welcomed.

You can send it by mail:                                                   Or Email:

Atten: Tara Biller                                                         tarantyr@gmail.com

22672 Lambert St. Ste. 620

Lake forest, CA 92630

Again, I cannot stress that this is a surprise that I am putting together for him, so please don't tell.

Thank you in advance for your support in making this the best gift/surprise of his 20 years of practice and dedication to US!

Yours in health,

Tara N Biller


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