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Sciatica Pain
Low Back Pain
Pain Down Your Leg

How do know if you have sciatica?

If you have low back pain, buttock or hip pain, or pain going into your leg, you may be experiencing sciatic nerve pain – stabbing, tingling, numbness.

One thing for sure, though, is the pain can be intense!

When you get sciatica, it occurs because the sciatic nerve has become inflamed and irritated, making you unmistakenly aware of its presence due to the intense pain. You may experience pain running up and down your back, into your buttocks or hips, through your legs and all the way down to your toes. Sometimes the pain may stay localized to the back area. Most of the time, you feel like you are being stabbed with needles, your legs tingle or feel numb, or you may have extreme tenderness in your fingers and toes. Further complicating the matter is the fact that sciatic pain can be felt in the front of the legs and thighs. At times, the pain can affect both legs at the same times; this is commonly referred to as bilateral sciatica.

Sciatic pain varies a lot from sufferer to sufferer. Some report that the pain is extreme, while others report mild sensations. The pain may last for days, or a few hours. Sciatic pain can be affected by your posture (how you sit); changing your position can reduce or remedy your pain. Sciatica sufferers do not sleep well most nights. That’s because during the night, they can roll over and cause a sciatic flare up which wakes them up in agonizing pain. For sciatic sufferers, a normal daily routine (i.e. walking, running, sitting for long periods of time) are out of the question.

We understand sciatica and we know that you are in pain … lots of it. Our approach in the treatment and prevention of sciatica is different, and our patients do great. We perform a detailed functional neurology exam to determine which part of your nervous system is not working properly from the low back to the brain. We’ve found that many sciatica patients, neurologically, have a high mensencephalic output with decreased cerebellum output. The mesencephalon dysfunction can cause an abnormal display or outflow from the brain that can lead to a problem such as sciatica and increased pain, also increased pulse and heart rate, poor sleept, increased sweating and can even cause an increased sensitivity to light. The cerebellum controls the involuntary spinal musculature, so its dysfunction can lead to areas of spasm and irritation, including the low back where the sciatic nerve may end up getting inflamed, causing sciatica.

We will perform a comprehensive exam that will help us determine what is causing your sciatica pain and symptoms. Once we understand what’s causing your condition, we can then address it properly. As stated before, most sciatica patients have a high mensencephalon and low cerebellum  output. Our tests help up to identify what is causing the neurological failures and what we can do to counteract the issues.

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If you are tired of dealing with sciatic pain and want to get back to a pain free life, then give us a call at 949-859-5192 for your free, no obligation consultation*. Our breakthrough procedures for treating sciatica get outstanding results. You don’t have to suffer.

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