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Peripheral Neuropathy

For the most part, peripheral neuropathy sufferers are unaware of treatment options available to them. They believe that they will have to take medications which may or may not work or that there isn’t anything that will help.Additionally, there’s a myth floating around that peripheral neuropathy only affects diabetes and multiple sclerosis sufferers … that is so far from the truth is absolutely ridiculous, and UNTRUE!

Peripheral neuropathy is a disease that affects your ability to control your muscles. What happens is there is a disconnect in the nerves that connects your hands, feet and other limbs to your brain. However, that is a very limited definition, one that is almost wrong in itself. In fact, peripheral neuropathy is much more complex than that, being affected by neurological issues, hormonal issues, immune system issues and even poor nutritional habits. So, those who believe they might be one of the many peripheral neuropathy sufferers don’t believe the “one-size-fits-all” diagnosis (or treatments).

Feeling Disconnected

In most every case of peripheral neuropathy, there is a disconnect between the brain and the nerves. The right side of the brain handles all the information being sent from the nerves, muscles and joints in your body. If the right side of the brain (the right parietal lobe) is not functioning properly, then the information gets lost. When this happens, there is a timing issue between the left side of the brain and the right side. If both sides do not respond equally, then we get symptoms relating to peripheral neuropathy.

The immune system can also cause peripheral neuropathy; of course, it doesn’t do this on purpose. However, the immune system may detect an abnormality in the nerve tissue. When it does, it can send out “attack” signals which can actually destroy nerve tissue.

Let A Professional Help

That’s why it is so important to have a fully comprehensive exam performed by a licensed doctor. Peripheral neuropathy can be cause by many more issues and diseases than diabetes and multiple sclerosis. The body could literally be attacking itself! A fully comprehensive exam will check for immune system issues and imbalances, brain activity and other specific tests for peripheral neuropathy.

There have been cases where a peripheral neuropathy sufferer actually lucked out and diagnosed their root cause properly. This is very rare, and very dangerous. Unlike medical professionals who know what to look out for, the sufferer may not and could end up doing much more harm than actual good.

If you’ve been suffering with peripheral neuropathy, or you know someone who might be, call us at 949-859-5192 to schedule a free consultation. There’s no reason to continue suffering any longer.


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