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Bulging Degenerative Discs

Degenerative disc disease is currently one of the most widespread ailments that causes back pain in the lower regions, but many people do not fully understand exactly what this disease truly entails. Because of the misinformation that is going around about this disease, most patients that find out that they have degenerative disc disease after visiting a healthcare professional for their lower back pain are not fully aware what this disease will mean in the long run, and exactly how is will affect the overall lifestyle each patient currently leads. The most common questions that are left unanswered for patients are the following:

If I currently suffer from lower back pain due to this disease and I am currently in my thirties, what will this mean for me once I reach my forties and how much more pain can I expect from the degenerative disc disease over the years?

Can this degenerative disc disease eventually cripple me in some form that may lead to putting me in a wheelchair?

Will walking help the degenerative disc disease, or should I cut down on the overall amount of activities that I perform?

Will I still be able to participate in sports with degenerative disc disease, and if so, how much will this hinder my overall level of athleticism?

Is there a possibility that the degenerative disc disease will eventually move to other sections of my spine?
Is the pain in my lower back that is caused by the degenerative disc disease going to have lasting effects that leave me permanently impaired?


An MRI scan can test to see if a patient has degenerative disc disease, but there are also a variety of symptoms that seem to be prevalent throughout the patients who have been diagnosed with this disease. Often, a patient diagnose with this disease is usually fairly active and overall fairly healthy. The pain that the patient feels is usually sporadic, and begins in the thirties or forties. Because of the nature of degenerative disc disease, it usually only becomes a problem when activities are performed, even though the pain is constant at a much lower level when the pain dies back down.

The pain in the lower back worsens when the patient sits down, since this puts more weight onto the discs. Any type of stretching, lifting of an object, or twisting of the spine can cause the degenerative disc disease pain to flare up. Usually, a patient can find relief from the pain caused by walking or jogging.

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“When I came to Dr. Olsen, I was a mess! I was taking Motrin 2-3 times a day EVERY day! Now, I do not have to take any medications AND I sleep better too!" - Frances C. / Laguna Hills, CA “For the past 4 years, I have had chronic fatigue, Neuropathy, painful lymph nodes, all of which a cause for could not be determined by my Kaiser doctors. I had run out of hope of ever feeling like myself again- then I was introduced to Dr. Olsen, who immediately determined where my body and organs needed support and assistance." Kathleen B./ Riverside, CA

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Olsen Chiropractic, APC
22691 Lambert St., Suite 503
Lake Forest, CA 92630
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