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Neck Pain

Have you found yourself rubbing your neck a lot lately? Maybe you’re bending your neck back-and-forth right now as you read this. If so, you probably are suffering from neck pain. Neck pain is very common and is generally caused by inflammation in the neck muscle, some type of injury (possibly from sports) or even an infection.

Pain in the neck or the surrounding areas, (i.e. shoulders, back of the head), should not be ignored. Most of the time, the neck pain is caused by an irritation in the cervical nerve roots, an impingement or restriction to the blood flow in the surrounding area.

If you follow and unhealthy regimen, your neck may change alignment (your mother was right, you should sit “upright”). Over the course of time, this can cause small growths also known as lipping or spurring, thinning discs or disc degeneration. Even with all of this, the sufferer may not feel pain 95% of the time.

By themselves, these irregularities won’t cause problems. In fact, these irregularities are the way that the body protects itself from you. However, some recent studies have shown the certain techniques can actually help counteract the damage you’ve caused.

Unlike other doctors, I approach the treatment and prevention of neck pain using a comprehensive neurological exam. From the exam, I am able to determine where the nervous system is not responding as it should. In most cases, the results show a high mesencephalic output. A high mesencephalic output can result in higher than normal heart rates, inability to fall asleep or stay asleep, increased sweating and extreme sensitivity to light.

I take a different approach to the treatment andprevention of neck pain. After a thorough neurological examination I determine which part of the nervous system is not functioning properly. In many neck pain patients I may find a high mesencephalic output.

If you are suffering with neck pain, you should not ignore it. You should consult with a doctor who will perform a fully comprehensive exam to see what’s causing the pain in your neck. If you are tired of suffering with neck pain, then give us a call today at 949-859-5192. The consultation is free and we have plenty of options for treating your neck pain.

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