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Back Pain Treatment with Our Chiropractor in Lake Forest, CA

Back pain is by far the most common ailment our chiropractor in Lake Forest hears patients complain about when they come to Olsen Chiropractic. The back is a complex combination of the spinal column surrounding by muscles, tissues, tendons and signal-sending nerve endings. This means that pain can strike in any region of the back, including the upper, mid and lower regions to cause you serious acute or chronic pain if left untreated.

woman suffering from back pain

Causes of Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain is often sourced by patients under tremendous stress or those who’ve suffered some type of muscular strain. Those involved in auto accidents may experience a sudden jolt resulting in whiplash that can source neck and upper back pain. We also see cases where people have developed myofascial pain syndrome, a condition that occurs when the fascia surrounding the muscles begin to adhere to one another. This is often caused by postural stress, overuse or an injury that’s failed to heal properly.

Middle Back Pain Sources

Several conditions can source mid back pain, but one of the most typical causes are diseases and injuries of the spine such as spinal stenosis, spinal cord injury, scoliosis and others. Those experiencing sharp or burning pain when rotating the mid back may have a misaligned rib that’s attached itself to the spine. Other common causes include postural challenges due to work duties such as heavy lifting, repetitious bending or crouching and long periods looking down at a phone or computer screen.

Lower Back Pain Culprits

Lower back pain is the most common ailment of  patients at Olsen Chiropractic in Lake Forest, CA. The lower lumbar is a sensitive area of the spine, so even seemingly minor injuries can be excruciating and debilitating. Lower back problems tend to cause secondary symptoms such as sciatica, a condition that causes numbness and tingling to radiate through the buttocks and down the leg. Most lower back injuries are due to:

  • Auto Accidents
  • Sporting Injuries
  • Occupational Injuries
  • Herniated/Bulging Discs
  • Spinal Subluxations
  • Personal Injuries
  • Muscle Strains
  • Ligament Sprains
  • Postural Issues

Fortunately, regardless of where your back is hurting or the type of injury or condition that is causing it, our chiropractor in Lake Forest, CA can help you get pain relief and promote the healing process naturally with chiropractic care.

Back Pain Treatment in Lake Forest, CA

Dr. Greg Olsen treats all kinds of back pain using holistic, non-invasive therapies and techniques designed to address your issues at the source. These techniques help patients get long lasting relief without the need for surgery or pain medications.

Chiropractic Adjustments—Dr. Olsen is skilled in an array of manual and tool-assisted spinal adjustment techniques that help realign the spinal column and alleviate pressure on nerve endings, reduce bulges and herniations and alleviate painful subluxations. Adjustments help improve overall health and are useful in treating an array of health conditions.

Physiotherapy—We often compliment chiropractic care with holistic physiotherapy techniques such as cold laser therapy and electric stimulation to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and to stimulate healing cells deep beneath the skin’s surface.

Spinal Decompression/Traction—These non-surgical therapies use specialized tables and techniques designed to gently stretch the back and neck regions to relieve pressure off compressed nerves, muscles, and discs that source pain.

Functional Medicine, Neurology & Applied Kinesiology—These combine traditional and holistic medicine techniques to diagnose and treat weak muscle areas, brain functions and stress imbalances of the body. Precise diagnostics allow us to treat your condition with maximum efficacy.

Brain Based Therapy—BBT is a dynamic therapy that allows us to identify brain weaknesses and help restore proper functions with treatments such as nutritional balance, exercise, boosting brain operations.

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Don’t live another day with back pain—call Dr. Olsen and the team at Olsen Chiropractic at 949-859-5192 to schedule a free consultation. However, we also have a new patient special that includes a functional medicine consultation and exam and kinesiology treatment for $99!

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